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The Most Resilient Parasite And How To Deal With It

In one of my favorite movies, Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio asks ‘What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria, A virus? An intestinal worm?’ He then pauses for a moment and then gives the answer: ‘An idea. Resilient, highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate.’

Although I believe ideas can be eradicated, if you allow an idea or negative thought to roam freely in your mind, it’ll make itself at home and cause a lot of trouble for you for a long time until you decide to do something about it. And the longer you let it stay there, the harder it may be to do something about it…

This is why it’s important to pay attention to the information we’re letting in to our super computer, which is our mind.

If your thought’s and beliefs are not really your own and don’t align with who you are, they should be erased.

Imagine you have the best computer out there but it’s performing poorly because you’ve loaded it up with useless information and crappy programs. The computer wont perform as well as it could.

That’s what happens when you keep piling up useless programs, information and files that use up the memory for no reason.

That’s the same thing that happens to our mind.

Smart programmers will tell you that in order to have the best performance, you need to make sure to clean up behind you.

When you store something in the memory that is needed for a specific process, you need to erase it when you’re done.

If you don’t, the memory will be used up quickly and the computer will not perform well.

There’s even a name that programmers have given this process and it’s Garbage collection…

Have you collected your garbage recently?

That means have to taken time to reflect on how valid your beliefs are… are they even your own? Have you cleaned up useless programs, files and information from your own memory system?

There’s a ton of information we receive all day every day from the various sources and a lot of time we take it as truth and wisdom.

It doesn’t matter where these concepts and ideas and thoughts originated from… it could be from old traditions, the fake news or your family, friends, or co-workers.

What matters is you need to bring awareness to them and get rid of them. Let them go.

Once we believe something, it starts to shape us whether it’s good or bad… so if what we’re allowing in is garbage, then don’t be surprised that what you get out will also be garbage.

The way to do that is to stop loading our brains with garbage and useless information like watching negative news, listening to other peoples opinions, gossiping, bad habits… and a bunch of other things.

When you become conscious of the information you’re letting in, your life will start to get better and you’ll start to attract better things, people and situations into your life.

If you don’t do that and just absorb whatever other people want you to believe, you will always be a slave to beliefs and programs that are not even your own. That results to living a life of little to no meaning. No real purpose.

You’ll never achieve your goals. You might help others achieve their but you’ll always feel like somethings missing.

You’ll never truly be happy. You might have temporary moments of what appears to be happiness, only to soon realize that you still feel empty and incomplete.

That’s all because when you’re living life like that, you’re not living in alignment with your purpose and what truly makes you happy and fulfilled.

And the worst part is you may not even realize that you’ve filled your mind up with useless information that’s preventing you from functioning at your optimal performance.

So what I do to let go of useless information that comes into my brain, or information that’s been there for years, is I meditate on it and become very aware of these thoughts and patterns I allow in and have accumulated over time… I don’t identify myself with them and don’t pay much attention to them when they come up.

Instead I observe them, see if they are of value to me, if it’s something that’s not aligned with who I am, I simply let them go.

I’ve become very conscious with the information I allow into my mind. I no longer watch the news, pay too much attention to what other people are saying or doing and I no longer waste my time with activities that don’t improve my life in some way.

I’ve replaced all the garbage with good information and experiences like meditation, exercise, reading and staying away from negativity.

And because I’ve been doing that, my life has become much better. Less stress, less worrying, less pointless action and activity… I have all these amazing experiences and coincidences that just happen… I’m better at the work I do. I find a lot of joy in quality time with myself and with others and just overall feel good and happy.

Connect with me on social media and let me know if this resonates with you. Let me know if you feel like you’ve been dealing with the most resilient parasite, ideas and beliefs that aren’t even yours, and what have you done to eradicate it.

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